Bicycling fun

Bicycling is a great activity and a fun way to burn calories. We have done many biking events over the past few years. We’re lucky enough to have the beautiful Paint Creek
, Clinton River Trail here in Rochester, which can take in two different directions up to Lake Orion or Bloomfield Hills. There is the Macomb Orchard trail, which is paved and you can make a stop at Stoney Creek Metro park or head all the way out to Armada.

At Stoney Creek Metro Park there is a beautiful trail around the lake that goes about 7 miles, or try the mountain bike trails for those who are skilled and want an adventure. The trails are well groomed and you can always look forward to seeing a couple of deer, the snake sunning himself in the path, listening to the river flowing or randomly seen friends on the trail.

We did the Zoo da Mack ride last year. This is a wonderful ride that goes from Boyne Mountain up to Mackinac Island for 52 miles. Is it hard? Well with a little practice and determination, I believe anyone can do it. It overlooks the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan and the hills are breathtaking. Literally!  You stop halfway at Legs Inn and enjoy a lunch with thousands of other riders in tight biking shorts. The second half is pretty flat and not too scenc, but when you see the end and the Mackinac Bridge is in sitdave and sindy biking stoneye, you take this deep breath of fresh air and thank God you can get your butt off that seat!  There is a sense of “wow” I just made a huge accomplishment. Of course there’s beer,  wine and food waiting for you at the finish line. Then there’s an awesome after party on Mackinac Island. The best bars on the Island are the Pink Pony, Horns or The Gatehouse offering aw
some bands and drink specials.

If 52 miles is just too long for you, there’s also slow rides in downtown Detroit, which are very scenic and especially through the historic district.  Detroit has many new bars and restaurants. Also there’s the beautiful
elle Island, which is always good for people watching down in Detroit.  Check out the Belle Isle Aquarium or Conservatory which has free admission.  Check out the site of the beautiful Scott Fountain as well.

Get out and ride