Building a Garden

Who doesn’t love fresh vegetables from a garden??  Yummy!  Well, I decided to try and learn how to build a garden. The last couple of years I planted a few vegetables and herbs in patio pots, but this year, I am going all out!  So where do you begin?  Thank goodness for the internet and Pintrest. I found everything I needed to know!

First, I had to figure out how much space I had to work with. In my back yard, I get at least six hours of full sun and could fit about a 10 x 10 garden. I don’t want anything that big, but I decided to visit my local Home Depot to look for ideas. I was going to buy the wood and build my own frame, but then I saw this handy dandy 4 x 8 Cedar Raised Garden Kit by Greenes. Perfect. It was easy to assemble and the wood was rot and insect resistant. Of course it was a little more than I wanted to spend at $90, but it’s going to last forever, right! I went home and assembled it in 10-15 minutes.  Easy instructions. Phew!  : )









Secondly, I had to level it out and place it in my garden area. I wanted to keep my sod, so I dug up all the sod and placed it around my lawn that had low or grass-less areas. I took out some of my edging and incorporated my frame into my landscaping.  I googled soil for garden and found a layering system in the picture below. A friend of mine told me about a local recycling area called SOCRRA.  They have free compost if you’re a Rochester Hills resident. Whoo Hoo! I love FREE!! (It’s a small fee of $10 for non-residents)  Well how am I going to load it?  hmmm.  Well I took a bunch of bins and garbage cans and filled up my Jeep a few times. I have enough compost for my flower gardens around my entire yard!


Next, we decided to plant some seeds indoor to get started.  I found this kit at Home Depot called Jiffy Greenhouse. The kids loved getting dirty and planting the seeds. Now almost 2 weeks later, we have plants!! Now they are ready to be planted. But its May 13th and we have a chance of frost this weekend, so we will have to wait. : (


Finally the weather has cooperated and all of my seeds are planted.  The fence is up to keep out the rabbits and deer.  I planted, pumpkins, peppers, carrots, kale, tomatoes, strawberries, blue berries, and zucchini. Now bring on the veggies!

Picture from 5-23-16  6-4-16 and 6-22-16

Garden 5-23-16garden 6-4-16 pumpkinsgarden 6-22

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  • Mom 11 months ago

    Love all your ideas!

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      Thank you!!

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