Chiropractic for heartburn?

I’ve had heartburn and stomach issues for a few years.  I went to the doctor and had a scope test and they said I have a hiatal hernia, an ulcer and Gerd. I was sick of taking tums and acid medicine, which I knew was not good for me. But it was the only thing that made me feel better so I continued to take it for years.

A friend of mine overheard her chiropractor talking about how he was helping a lady with her hiatal hernia. I thought what does chiropractic have to do with the digestive system? Well I learned quickly. I learned that the digestive system is the second biggest system in your body and it’s affected if your back/spine is off. So I went in and took x-rays and realized that my spine and back were a little misaligned. He would adjust my back and neck and it helped, but also the pressure that had been pushing on my hiatal hernia was now relieved.

After eight weeks of three visits a week, I felt 80-90% better. Yes I would still randomly have heartburn, but only when I ate onions or fried food.  But a big shout out to Dr. Buller over in Rochester Hills. His staff is so friendly and you’re in and out in just minutes. He helps everyone from infants to the elderly feel better and enjoy life again!