DIY – Revitalizing your patio or deck

deckover2Do you have a cement patio, deck or sidewalk that needs a makeover? Well I did! I found an easy and inexpensive way to give my patio a fresh, updated look.

I found a product called Deckover at my local Home Depot. I wanted something that would rejuvenate my patio and a color that would match the brick of my house. I choose a beautiful terra cotta color.

I read the reviews and it was hit and miss. I believe you will get the best results if you prepare the surface prior to application. I made sure the patio was power washed and cleaned with an “all-in-one cleaner.”  I filled in any holes and cracks with a cement patch product. Another important tip is too read the directions carefully and apply at the right temperature. We live in Michigan where the temperatures fluctuate up and down, but I made sure to apply when it was not too hot or too cold. The application was quick and easy and within a couple of days it was completely dry and ready to walk on.

Now a year later the product is still holding up and looks nice.  It’s not as bright at the first application, but it still looks beautiful.

Before and after photos.