Healthy Tanning

Ohhhhh how I love the sun!! Back in the day, I laid out in the sun for hours hoping for a dark tan. I even visited tanning beds before vacations. Everyone knows it is horrible for your skin and you could get skin cancer. Well there are other options to get that beautiful glow, like spray tanning!  I love to have that bronze tan all year round and discovered Spray Tanning a few years ago.

Spray tanning uses an air compressor and a spray gun delivery system to evenly apply the tanning solution, streak-free and without a lot of overspray. The spray tanning solutions work on the top layers of the skin and will shed, or fade like a “sun” tan over several days. You must exfoliate to get the best results.  My tan has lasted anywhere from 7-10 days.  I always go before each vacation, special occasions or for just a nice glow to make me feel better and look healthy.
There are no streaks and no orange color that you get from many of the store-bought tanners. It dries fast and leaves a beautiful bronzing color in hours.  I love the rapid tan best, which you shower after 2-3 hours compared to a regular tan that is 10-12 hours after the spray. The product is made here in the USA, it’s not tested on animals and is Paraben free.
The owner, Cindy McMillan, is located in Rochester Hills.  She is very professional and has a beautiful salon in her home. Her pricing is very reasonable and I know you will be satisfied. Check her out at Healthy Tan!