LinkedIn – Professional Networking

Want more sales? Want to network?  Want to find a job? LinkedIn can help you! I have been using it for years but recently became more involved for my sales job. The networking here has been very helpful in opening a few doors for me. LinkedIn has over 300 million members that can introduce you to a larger professional network.

If you haven’t used it, it’s similar to Facebook, but for business. People can post blog posts or other articles that are related to their industry.  Whether your looking for a job or to network, LinkedIn can be very useful. If you can get used to all of the recruiters adding you, it is a great way of reaching out to people.

It is always a great day when you get an email message back from someone that you’ve LinkedIn that you don’t know. You may have a common interest, but have no mutual colleagues. LinkedIn’s been a great way to network and find people in my industry. I actually reached out to a vice president of a large Tier one automotive supplier and he emailed me back that day with the contact of the buyer. Now I am working with that company and quoting on new business. You never know where just one lead can take you!  Have fun and happy networking!