On-line Dating

Are you looking for a life-time partner?? On-line dating could be for you! I know it sounds scary, but I think it is more scary finding a partner at the bar.  Especially as we are getting older, where do you find people in 40’s or 50’s.  On-line dating is an easy way to find a date.  It is a great way to be picky and find out it you have similar interests.

My husband and I met almost 7 years ago on the on-line dating site called “Plenty of Fish”. I was doing the on-line dating on Match.com and POF for a couple of years. I tried the eHarmony, but the questions were not always what I would ask and felt it wasn’t the right site for me. There is another dating site that is popular called Tinder.  I haven’t tried it, now that I am married, but I know plenty of friends that are trying it out. You can find people immediately in your area and swipe across your phone to see local people looking for dates.

I met many nice people, but it took a long time to meet the “right” person. Or maybe I just wasn’t ready.  I believe it is all of about the timing. When on-line dating, take precautions. I found a great way of learning about the person before actually meeting!  Start with emailing the person. This is a good way to see if they have some writing skills, can spell, or talk some what intelligent. Of course, everyone is not a good speller, but hey, there is spell check. You can see if they took the time to write a nice introductory email. Once you feel there is good communication for a week or so, then talk on the phone. If you feel there is a good connection, then meet at a public place for coffee or drink.  Always, tell a friend where and when you are going.  Do not drink too much alcohol. This will sway your decision and you could make a bad decision!  Not that I ever did. ; )  But, you want to a life-time partner not just a hook up. Right? Another important fact, do a little background check.  Ok, don’t hire a private eye, but get a little information about the person. Google their name, check out linked’in, Facebook, Twitter, do a little research before you just date anyone!  Hopefully with a few of my tips you will be lucky enough to meet your wife/husband like I did. Remember, have fun and be careful!   Good luck!