Our Groceries App

KrogerA couple of years ago I found the OurGroceries app in the ITunes store and love it. It is simple to use and keeps us organized for our grocery shopping at the local Kroger.  All of us has the app and it syncs with each of our phones.  As soon as someone uses the last of the cereal, just put it on the list so you don’t forget. Everyone has their phones within reach of them at all times, so this shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Here’s one lesson I’d like to pass along: don’t update the app while someone is actually shopping. My husband has been seen pushing a cart in circles at the grocery store as I’m adding things to the list.

It’s not just for groceries, I created a list for other stores like, Target, Dollar Tree store, Home depot, and more.

Another great idea is to create “A Honey Do List.”  I added a list for my husband to complete projects around the house that I might not be able (or want) to do. I add items like fix lawn mower, replace light in bathroom, etc.  Of course getting him to do it, is another thing!  : )

I have recommended this site to others and it definitely can help families simplify their lives!  Try it out!!