Red Nose Day – My charity spot light

rednoselogoGiving back feels good.  Try it!

I saw a moving story on The Today show with Jack Black.  Jack was discussing his recent visit to Uganda, where children were living in poverty.  He met a special boy, Felix, that was a 12 year old boy and homeless.  Felix collects glass and metal to raise money for food.  His mother passed away and had no one.  Jack walked around Uganda and was thinking about his own kids.  Jack helped Felix by a program called Red Nose Day that helps children around the world just like Felix.  Red nose has raised more than $1 billion toward the effort.

On May 21st, NBC is airing a primetime special on Red Nose Day.  Please visit any Walgreens and purchase your Red Nose and help give back to this wonderful cause!  It is something simple and inexpensive you can do to give back. Or click on my Red Nose Day link above and you can donate directly.