Looking for fun? Try Social Club of Detroit

socialclub  Are you new to town? Are you looking for something fun to do or just try something new? Then why not try The Social Club of Detroit? The club has many different events– from dinner events to sporting events and sports leagues. It is a fun club that is for the sports enthusiast. If you’re interested in a small group or a free agent, you can sign up and meet new friends.

When I was going through a divorce and difficult time in my life 10 years ago, I was looking to meet new people and try something new, so I signed up for flag football.  Yes, me, 5′ 3″ and all, decided to play flag football. I was playing softball and knew I could catch and run fast so why not! It was a blast and I even scored a touchdown!  Whoo hoo.  Don’t get me wrong, it was tough. I took a couple of hard hits, which caused some bumps and bruises, but all and all it was a fun experience.cjs

There are other sports leagues like volleyball, football, soccer, bowling, kickball  and more. I have organized a volleyball team for the past five years and played in my area with a bunch of friends. We even took the championship and who doesn’t love winning a t-shirt?  The local bar, CJ Mahoney, here in Rochester Hills, sponsors our winning teams, by offering a “free” pitcher of beer!

You don’t have to be single to play, married folks are welcome. You just have to be over 21 years old. Whether you’re athletic or not, there’s something for everyone. There are five levels of play, so if you’re a beginner or experienced, pick what level fits you best!

Happy hour events are a great way of meeting people. The Social Club has bus trips down to Detroit Tiger games, which are a blast. The Club also gives back and helps the community by having kickball tournaments like Kicks for Kids, or 5K runs and walk for awareness of different charities in the community. If you are looking for a great way of meeting new people and lifetime friends, check out a social club in your area!football