Throwing a party

Who doesn’t love a good party? I really enjoy theme parties and Halloween is one of my favorites. Now that there’s Pinterest you can always find anything you’re looking for whether it be costume ideas, treats, decorations or food ideas.

I love to come up with creative costume ideas. One year we were a Ken and Barbie knock off. I bought a large box and some cellophane for the front of the box and then decorated the front to look like a Mattel doll box. That went over really big.  Last year, we went with the biggest loser theme, but we actually went as the biggest boozers. We had similar outfits to the weight loss show, but we add beer cans and alcohol in our belts. I always like to change it up and be creative. I love making my own costumes. It must be the Libra inside me.

Of course if you always need a good idea Pinterest is there.  The dollar store has plenty of props and you can also visit your local fabric shop like Joann’s and look in their remnant section to find cheap fabric.