Use your noodle when dealing with a small closet

bootsSo what do you do when you have a small closet in your master bedroom?  But you have an extra bedroom that is empty?. You can turn it into a closet.   I decided to give the small walk-in closet to my husband and turn my extra bedroom into a highly organized closet.  I went on Amazon and found organized solutions.  I purchased a couple of portable clothes racks and shoe racks.   I turned an old bookshelf into a purse rack so they would all be lined up by size and color.   OK so I’m a little OCD. I loaded up my clothes racks and put them in summer and winter order, but also in color coordination.  This makes everything easy to find when you’re running out the door. Do you have tall boots that are always falling over? I took swim noodles that I purchased from Amazon cut them in thirds and they hold tall boots nicely in place and it’s a lightweight solution.   In this room, I also have a closet, which is perfect for longer dresses and for some your organization for shorts and workout clothes.  I put a small desk in the middle of the room and a printer to make it functional!

closet 1